Twisted Pixel, for those that are unfamiliar, is the studio behind The Maw, Comic Jumper and fan-favorite 'Splosion Man. The titles this Austin-based indie developer has worked on previously have all been meant for the digital marketplace. The Gunstringer, the game announced and displayed in the trailer above, has honestly given me a reason to consider owning a Kinect. Big words.

Twisted Pixel has just opened up the official dev blog for this title, and the first post within concerns the project itself in the words of Dan Teasdale, The Gunstringer's Lead Designer. According to Teasdale, this game will be unlike any Kinect title we've seen so far:

The Gunstringer is unlike any Kinect game you may have played previously. There are no minigames, forced gestures, or end of level photos of you in your underwear here. You can play it sitting down, which is great if you just want to play and relax rather than burn crazy calories. Most importantly, you can aim and move with precision not seen in any of the Kinect launch titles, and with a speed and feel that's just not possible with a traditional controller.

The game itself isn't set up with just a spaghetti western style revenge plot. There's more it than that, elaborates Teasdale at one point in his welcome post:

While we do take cues from the classics like Sergio Leone's iconic spaghetti westerns, this isn't a "straight" western revenge story. Being able to perform this story with puppets and stage props lets us get away with some pretty far out characters, settings, and plot twists that would just seem insane in a straight western story.

A evidenced by the trailer above, there's all sorts of gameplay crammed into The Gunstringer: platforming, rail shooting (it looks like) and possibly even full-fledged 3D (spatially, not the kind that pops out of your TV) navigation. However, the gameplay above does look admittedly jumpy at parts. The video clearly shows some 2D platforming sections that look fantastic, but once the 3D stuff starts to whirl in the game's rock solid performance sputters off.

This is Twisted Pixel, though. The indie devs are known for high quality products. One would assume that The Gunstringer will see tons of revision and perfection before releasing for the 360.

[via The Gunstringer Dev Blog]