Twist Plus+ World Charging Station

Charging all your gadgets while abroad can be a challenge. But the Twist Plus+ can handle the wall sockets of over 150 countries, and output power via four USB ports, a Macbook port and an AC outlet. You can grab one now for $34.99 shipped from TechnoBuffalo Deals.

This beautifully designed gadget gets its name from the way you switch between pin configurations — you simply rotate a dial to cycle through the options. The Twist Plus+ works on every continent, and it is fused to ensure safe charging. The USB ports are on a free-turning ring for good accessibility, and you can plug your Macbook's power adapter straight into the specialized slot. Any other low-energy devices can be powered via the AC outlet. The Twist Plus+ weighs just 0.39 pounds, which is even more impressive when you consider that it replaces five regular power and travel adapters. The other advantage is that you only need one socket, so it is pretty useful in your home country, as well.

Grab the Twist Plus+ now to save 33% off the MSRP, with free international shipping (select your region on the deal page).