twins or not

Microsoft scored a viral hit back in April with its age guessing website “How Old.” Now the company is back with another goofy photo analysis tool which promises to help you find your twin.

“Twins Or Not” offers a similarly minimal design, but instead of analyzing a single image it can crunch the data in two pictures at once. Upload photographs of any two people and Microsoft will spit out a “twin score” between 0 and 100 that reveals whether or not the two people are related.

It’s a clever concept, though that doesn’t mean it actually works. A quick Twitter search using Microsoft’s official hashtag reveals that most people are using the new service for laughs rather than actual genetics research.

In a post to his personal blog, Microsoft developer Mat Velloso explains that the new service was built in just a few hours during an event in the Czech Republic. It was created using Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform and a Face API developed as part of the company’s machine learning efforts.

So the goal here is really just to demonstrate how easy it is to make interesting apps using Microsoft’s platform and tools. If you want to kill some time, check out the site for yourself via the link below. If you’re actually trying to track down your long lost twin, look elsewhere.