Could you picture a world in which your home could automatically alert you if it needs attention? One day, your house or apartment could send you texts, letting you know if a stranger has entered your home. Your oven could tweet to let you know it was left on. And your Xbox could even email you if your roommate or kids secretly use it when you're not home. And that's just for starters.

Well, if you didn't imagine it, a startup called Supermechanical did. Begun as a Kickstarter venture, its Twine wireless device is a humble-looking little square with one powerful set of features that basically enables your house to connect and communicate with you via the internet.

In addition to wireless capabilities, the device also offers both integrated and optional external sensors, including:

  • Temperature sensor
  • Moisture sensor
  • Accelerometer
  • Magnetic switch for detecting objects
  • Breakout board (to plug in supported devices)
  • Infrared sensor

I've seen geek projects that enable similar types of alerts, but I've never seen one with so many options and input mechanisms that's backed by a user-friendly, consumer-oriented settings interface. (Though if you enjoy programming, you can script up some neat stuff, to expand functionality.)

To say Twine is a popular concept would be an understatement: The initial Kickstarter goal was $35,000, but it pulled in over $500,000 from what's probably a long list of backers. No wonder the next pre-orders aren't expected to ship until May. If you're interested in signing up anyway, or if you simply want to learn more about this really cool concept, be sure to hit up the Supermechanical website here. The price starts at $99 for the base unit, and goes up to $174 for Twine's full sensor package.

A short demo clip follows. Take a peep, and then hit the comments and tell us how you would use a device like this.

[via PCWorld, source Supermechanical]

Shout-out to KnuckleBucket — thanks for the tip!