Maybe this is me being a bit of a spoil sport, but I sort of tend to turn my nose up at fake video game leaks. That is, unless they're done really well.

The last few months have seen two good ones. First, we had one person go to great lengths to fake Rayman for Super Smash Bros., and now we have another duo that perfectly trolled Zelda Symphony goers this weekend.

Fans who went to this particular show with their Nintendo 3DS handhelds with them might have been StreetPassed by a gamer with a really interesting recently played entry. That entry was The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess 3D.

Those people, of course, took to the Internet and posted shots of their recent Pass on social networks and thought, maybe, they would be the source of a huge Nintendo goof. The idea being that some Nintendo employee accidentally took their 3DS to a concert with a currently unannounced game in their recent history.

What really happened? TaDavidID and ChrisX930 used a homebrew app that they named "The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess 3D" on their systems. They took them to the symphony and let fellow StreetPassers see their most recently played game and run with the rumor.

Here's Chris on Facebook with a video of his work in action.

Here he is on Twitter briefly talking about how the whole thing basically works.

Pretty incredible, if you ask me.

Now, do we actually want Twilight Princess 3D?