It’s no secret that Twitter has arguably become the social media of choice, and with the plethora of ways to access the service, using the proper application for you is of utmost importance. There are many popular desktop programs such as Tweetdeck, Nambu, Eventbox and the very popular Tweetie for Mac all implementing different features.

Back in April, the Tweetie for iPhone app, developed by Loren Brichter, became the official Twitter application for mobile devices. As early as March we saw Beta access for Tweetie 2 for Mac sold through the Macheist Bundle, but since that time news of the release has been spotty at best.  Rumors abound that there will in fact be no Tweetie 2 for Mac and that seems to be reaching reality.

140076-tweetie_main_originalThis week, Twitter Co-founder Evan Williams responded to a tweet from a user saying that “Tweetie for Mac is not something we are actively investing at this time.”  This would not be a red flag in itself, but considering Williams has recently stepped down from his role as CEO to focus on product strategy this does not bode well for current Tweetie for Mac users like myself. Twitter’s Carolyn Penner clarified Williams’ comments for Macworld stating:

We aren’t actively planning Tweetie 2 for Mac, but we maintain the app for current users. For example, over the summer we updated the client to use OAuth and improved MagicMouse support. We also made the app available for free.

So, if Twitter isn’t focusing on a desktop application, I would be interested in knowing what exactly Evan Williams’ product development team IS working on. I am happy with the current Tweetie desktop client, yet I am intrigued at the possibilities of it being even better with a refresh. Unfortunately, that seems like a dead issue now, so I guess I will have to live with what I have or try one of the options mentioned above.

How do you access Twitter the most? What desktop client are you currently using for Twitter? If you could implement one new, awesome feature what would it be?