There’s a reason Twitter’s professional users prefer TweetDeck over the official site. The Twitter-owned app offers a command-center view of all your activity, but it can also be the last to get an important update. Today, TweetDeck’s Mac app is finally catching up.

The new update’s main goal is to bring TweetDeck’s “teams” feature to the Mac app, which makes it possible to securely share access to a Twitter account with anyone you want and then revoke access just as easily. There’s a lot more here as well, including group direct messages, in-line support for GIFs and video, and the ability to share up to four image in a single tweet.

With today’s update, TweetDeck for Mac should have most of the good stuff you get on any other Twitter platform. It’s nice to see the company still paying some attention to TweetDeck, even if it doesn’t get as much love as the main website and apps.