Tweetbot, the maker of some of the most popular third-party Twitter applications, recently released  Tweetbot 4. It includes several major updates and, in an effort to celebrate, the company said it’s knocking 50 percent of the standard price of $9.99. This is an entirely new application, so Tweetbot 3 users can’t simply update for free.

Tweetbot 4 includes universal iPad support, so that means the same app running on your iPhone will also expand appropriately on your iPad. There’s also landscape support on the iPad and iPhone, new statistics and an Activity View, the option to view in columns on the iPhone 6 Plus and the iPad, split-view multitasking support, mute filters, a brand new user interface and more.

Hit the source to grab it now. It sounds like it’s going to be mainly for folks who really use and rely on Twitter daily, and probably won’t be as necessary for casual users.