iMac TV - Walking Dead

The newest fad among industry analysts seems to be speculating on whether or not Apple plans on jumping into the TV-making game. Before Steve Jobs passed, he admitted to biographer Walter Isaacson that he was able to crack the secret to making an intuitive home television experience for consumers, and we've been getting rumors ever since. Is it going to come in three sizes? Will it come with Siri functionality? Will a revamped iMac hit with "TV capability" as a bridge to the "real" Apple television?

According to Wedge Partners' Brian Blair, a refresh to Apple's iMac will be "a step in between" its mythical television set and hit in the first half of 2012. Blair suggests that the Cupertino-based company may integrate its current $99 set-top box, better known as Apple TV, to make for "a slimmer all-in-one PC with TV capabilities."

Blair said, "We believe the initial Apple TV is their iMac computer that can function as a TV, over the iCloud platform."

If this does indeed happen, Apple could potentially make a killing with as the iMac is already one of its most popular product lines. Combining AppleTV into the package would (should) also keep the price from jumping into astronomical territory, as some analysts suggest Apple's unannounced television might. Who knows, though, Apple has a reputation for charging a premium.

Because there is no clear evidence an actual full-blown television set is coming from Apple, Blair intimates the company will offer a refreshed 27-inch TV-capable iMac model and scale up from there to 32, 42, 50 and 55. In a way, Blair's claims make sense. People today spend a lot of time in front of their computers, so if Apple can integrate the TV and computer experience into a new and refreshing way, consumers will no doubt eat it up.

"We think this makes sense because while we typically think about the newest TV's hanging on the wall in large form factors, Apple could effectively start with what they already have on the manufacturing line," Blair said.

Would you buy a TV-capable iMac?

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