Night Dive Studios, the same company behind the recent System Shock remasters, is now hard at working bringing the classic Turok games up to speed. It is currently knee deep in the original, boosting its resolution, updating its character models, and most importantly, tapping into more power to rid us of that accursed fog which always hovered over the Nintendo 64 release.

If you didn’t play video games in 1997, back when 3D perspectives were still taking off, early developers would drop these clouds into their games and use them to cover up draw distances, hiding the fact that models and other assets would be appearing out of thin air. This goes double for the Nintendo 64 which was quite notorious for short draw distances.

Luckily, technology has evolved quite a bit since 1997, and these draw distances are no longer an issue for such a simplistic game. Night Dive Studio has lifted the fog, and we will be seeing what the world of Turok looks like on a clear day for the first time ever once theses remasters launch. Three brief screenshots from the official Facebook page provide us with a fairly decent idea of what to expect.

Of course, the original developers of Turok were also smart in using the fog as a gameplay element. You never know when a raptor was going to pounce on you right in front of your own nose. I get the feeling a lot of necessary deaths will be avoided this way, but seeing the borders of the map might also show us that Turok was never really that big to begin with.

No release date has been set for the Turok or Turok 2 remaster yet.