The major caveat of today’s Android Wear news is the fact that only the Watch Urbane and a few other upcoming smartwatches will work with the iPhone. Well, that’s what we thought. A few reports around the web claim the Moto 360, which was recently updated to Android Wear 1.3, works with the iPhone just fine. Too bad you can’t buy a Moto 360 from Motorola anymore.

We haven’t had the opportunity to test this theory out ourselves, but The Verge and Droid-Life both said they got a Moto 360 to work with an iPhone; other reports claim the entire range of Android Wear devices works, as long as it has been updated to Android Wear 1.3. We’re expecting a ton of new Android Wear devices to be announced this week, including new Motorola wearables. But it’s nice to see that, at least for now, some older Android Wear devices are playing nice with the iPhone before the new wave arrives.

Upon opening the Android Wear iOS app and resetting the Moto 360, we were able to pair it with the iPhone without issue. Notifications from the iPhone show up on the Moto 360 just as you might expect, and we were also able to install third-party watchfaces from Google’s limited collection in the iOS app.

The Verge notes that everything works as expected, and there isn’t a difference between the officially supported Android Wear devices and the ones Google said it wouldn’t support. There’s always a chance Google can update its Android Wear app for iOS and break compatibility, but for now the Moto 360 (and maybe some other old Android Wear devices) works without issue.