You've undoubtedly heard of the MiFi, a device that turns cellular internet into WiFi so that you can connect your laptop or any other WiFi device. Did you know they make them for GSM networks, too? They do, but your carrier doesn't sell it. If you've got a data plan for your phone, you can pop out the SIM and use it in the Novatel MiFi 2372. The device cost $259 over at Negri Electronics. Since you're already paying for data, you don't need to add an addition charge to use the MiFi. Comparatively, if you got a MiFi from Sprint or Verizon, you'd have to pay $60 per month for access, which is $720 per year, making this particular unit pretty economical if you already have the data plan.

This unit shares an HSPA connection with up to five devices and supports the proper bands for AT&T. In the upcoming days, I'll be putting this device to the test, and also testing its GPS and microSD slot functionality.