The power of a good GIF can't be underestimated. Like an emoji, they're capable of saying a lot without saying anything at all. And, come on, they're just tons of fun to look at, which is why some outlets are making it dead simple to create your own.

Capitalizing on our lust for GIFs, Tumblr has created a new Tumblr TV channel that displays an endless and fullscreen stream of these delightful treasures. Tune out and feast your eyes on the pinnacle of what the Internet has to offer. It's a hypnotic look at one of the best reasons we go online in the first place. For all the evil the Internet harbors, a solid cat GIF once again restores our faith in the world.

If you're a user of the Internet's foremost teenage hangout, you'll find Tumblr TV to be an excellent addition. GIFs cycle through automatically—at about 10 seconds for each—and there are buttons to like and reblog; you can also pause, skip ahead, and rewind.

Just be careful: once you fire Tumblr TV up, don't be surprised to look at the clock and realize you've been staring at your computer screen for the last three hours.