Tumblr will introduce advertisements into its mobile applications, the company recently confirmed in remarks made to Bloomberg. It's a move that follows the introduction of advertisements into other mobile social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. Tumblr vice president Derek Gottfrid said the service will launch during the first half of this year, although didn't provide a specific date as to when it will go live.

Tumblr hopes the move will help it move into the black this year. Gottfrid said the company currently secures advertising deals worth more than six figures for its Web site, although it's unclear who the mobile partners will be or what ads will cost. Obviously that's going to depend on the campaign.

"We're not bringing them a template or format to complete," Tumblr's head of sales Lee Brown told Bloomberg. "We're giving them a canvas. That takes a lot of time and a lot of thought."

We haven't been too pleased with the ads on Facebook and Twitter, but these services are free and ultimately need to make money.