Tumblr on Friday released its first desktop application for OS X. The app will allow you to post any content to your Tumblr-hosted blog or Website directly from your computer and without the need to launch your Web browser. “If a window has a share button, you can share things from that window to Tumblr,” the company advertises in the new application’s description in the App Store.

It’s a small 2.6MB application and we downloaded it real quick to give it a try. The functionality is pretty much the same as what you’ll find on the Tumblr site, so you can manage your page, upload text, photos, quotes, links, audio and video easily, though the real benefit comes from the sharing extensions. Find a picture you dig? It’s a few clicks away to share it right to Tumblr. The app is also pretty convenient for following other users. Finally, you can make relatively minor edits to the appearance of your site right inside the application, which is convenient if you just want to make some quick changes.

Check the App Store now to download Tumblr on your OS X machine, or just hit the source below for a direct link.