3d touch ad 3

Plenty of third-party iPhone apps already support 3D Touch, but Tumblr's latest update also takes advantage of another new Apple feature. Version 5.0 of the iPhone app adds Live Photos along with a few other perks.

Thanks to the new update you can upload the moving photos taken on your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus straight to Tumblr. However, other people will only be able to see your Live Photos in action if they also have an iPhone. In that situation they'll see a small icon in the corner of the screen and have the option to bring the picture to life by pressing down on it. Otherwise it will just appear as a static image.

Tumblr is also adding a "few early 3D Touches," suggesting even more improvements could be coming soon. The app's new messaging feature is included in the update as well. It lets you send posts directly to other people on Tumblr by tapping on a new "Paper plane" button. Messaging launched in beta last month, but now it's available for everyone.

You can grab the update now via the App Store link below if your iOS device hasn't updated automatically already.