tumblr ios app redesign

It's been a busy day for Tumblr. First the massively popular blogging site was purchased outright by Yahoo for a whopping $1.1 billion, then it released an updated Web and Android interface for Flickr and, as if that wasn't enough, the site also pushed out an update for its Tumblr iOS app.

TechCrunch describes the Tumblr app redesign as a "Path-like post chooser" (Path is a social network for private messaging with friend and family). Personally, it reminds me more of the Downloads icon on my MacBook application Dock. Often referred to as the "Mac stack feature," just click on the icon and a curved string of options extend up, offering an array of possibilities. For Tumblr, tap the compose button to choose between Video, Chat, Link, Quote, Photo and Text, each contained within it's own colored circle. A similar interface is already available on Android and Windows Phone.

The new Tumblr app design replaces the old grid of options, which was perfectly fine but perhaps not quite cool enough for the company which Yahoo just spent a billion dollars acquiring in the hopes of luring younger generations back to their own site. Unfortunately for the 18-year-old web portal, it probably won't be quite that easy.