TumbleSeed comes from the same artist behind Threes! and Ridiculous Fishing, Greg Wohlwend, and boy does it look nice… It’s also being made by Benedict Fritz and David Laskey.

TumbleSeed is playable at GDC this year, and Polygon grabbed 15 minutes of footage for the game as its running on the Nintendo Switch. Here it is, friends.

TumbleSeed‘s being made for the Nintendo Switch, PC/Mac and PlayStation 4. The gameplay above is simply for the Switch, so that’s why it gets top-billing here. Wohlwend has it targeted for an April or May release on those platforms, simultaneously.

The inspiration comes from cool sources

Wohlwend actually reached out to us for a chance to check the game out at PAX East. We’re doing that. In that email, he calls TumbleSeed a “rolly roguelike,” and he told us to “think Spelunky + Mega Man + this old marble/bar game you’ve maybe never heard of called Ice Cold Beer.” Here’s that game, and the similarity is awesome.

We’ll have more on TumbleSeed, including our thoughts, as it comes.