Apple Fifth Avenue store exterior

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC) will be the sole provider of the 20nm processor for Apple's upcoming quad-core chips, Citigroup Global Markets told CENS recently. The company has slowly been stealing Samsung's share of supplies to Apple and reportedly has a 1-2 year contract with the Cupertino-based firm.

Apple allegedly began inspecting TSMC's process this summer and CENS said risk production is scheduled for sometime this November with mass quantities expected to ship during the fourth quarter of next year. We won't see them in iPhones just yet, Citigroup Global Markets' J.T. Hsu said Apple will stick with dual-core processors for the iPhone and will instead use quad-core chips in the iPad, MacBook and possibly an Apple iTV. That seems odd to us, though, and we're guessing we will see quad-core chips in Apple's iPhone eventually.

Apple already develops quad-core processors and has been doing so since it acquired Intricity in 2010.

[via CENS]