The next time you’re browsing YouTube and you find a video you want to watch—perhaps a Let’s Play or iPhones XS review—try this cool trick.

With the arrival of Chrome 70 for Windows, Mac, and Linux, Google has introduced a new picture-in-picture feature that will overlay YouTube videos on your desktop. By doing this, the video you’re watching will always be in sight, allowing you to watch videos without being confined to YouTube’s browser window.

Since Chrome 70 was released, I’ve been using picture-in-picture to have videos playing while I focus on other things, like writing this post. But it’s nice to have the video there in the corner that I can glance at at any time.

To use picture-in-picture, navigate to the YouTube video you want to watch. Over the video window, right click twice (yes, twice) and you’ll see a contextual window pop up with an option for picture-in-picture. Click that and your video will be available as an overlay on your desktop.

You can resize the window as you see fit, as well as pause/play and exit out of the video by pressing the little “x.” According to Android Police, the picture-in-picture feature isn’t exclusive to YouTube; it will work with other websites so long as web developers turn on support.

Give it a shot the next time you want to watch a vide but don’t want to stay confined to YouTube’s browser window.