EA is offering a free two day trial of The Sims 4 to Origin users. The timed demo is coming by way of its Game Time feature, and it actually sounds pretty darn convenient.

With Game Time, you claim the game and toss it in your Origin library. The 48 hour time limit won’t start until you’ve fully downloaded the game and launched it. The 48 hours isn’t in-game playtime, though, it’s real world time. So you have 48 hours to play the game once you start it, regardless of how much of those 48 hours you actually spend simming things.

I’ve heard fairly positive things about The Sims 4, and I’ve gone ahead and tossed it in my library for my next spat of free gaming time. I played the original title way, way, way too much when it first released, and then I sort of stepped away from the series while playing different games. It’s been a while, and I have this on my radar.

Free sounds good to me.

When the 48 hours trial ends, you will lose access to the game. The good news? If you do decide to pick it up, your progress will be saved.

Anyone going to give this a crack?