Whether you're sold on BlackBerry 10 or not, you might be curious about the all-new platform from the company formerly known as RIM. After all, BlackBerries used to be a dominant player in the mobile space, and the company has been struggling to reinvent itself to recapture its former glory for what seems like ages. But is this really the winning formula?

Now you can check it out for yourself. This week, CNET tipped about a way people can experience some of the main BB10 features for themselves without committing to a new device purchase. Simply fire up your Android or iOS device's browser and visit

It's not a full-fledged virtualization of the OS — more like a guided demo with arrows and dots showing users where to gesture, swipe and tap — but it does give you a taste of what BB10 is like on an actual mobile device. iOS and Android users can try out the basic gestures, navigation and predictive keyboard, as well as the Hub, BBM Video and Screen Share, and the camera Time Shift.

It's a brilliant idea, one that more mobile makers should take on. Online demos are a great way to let potential users test-drive a platform or major update without making a major commitment.