Troy Baker is everywhere these days. He's a talented voice actor with earned popularity. When he went into the audition for Far Cry 4's villain Pagan Min, he said at a recent convention, he was told to take the character wherever he wanted. Except, no Joker.

The script he was provided, as a result, went away pretty quickly. An assistant walked into the room during the audition and unwittingly became part of the scene, as Baker describes in the video at about 21:45…

"And I just remember, I was talking like this, and all of the sudden she walks in. I said, 'I'm sorry, who is this? Who is this walking into the room right now? No no no no, don't leave, sit down.'"

"I was like, 'Have a seat, please, make yourself comfortable. Would you like some of that coffee you brought in? It looks very delicious. Now, here's what I'm going to do: I'm going to murder her right in front of you."

As you might guess, the team loved it.

"I'm going to peel your face off and put it on my own. It'll be the most glorious makeover I've ever had."

Cue the nightmares.

Baker is well-respected and has earned his popularity and this, he says, let him get away with going off-script. He's built up a level of trust, he says, though other performances, that brought him to a place where he could go into an audition and do whatever he liked with the character.

The panel, in which Baker talks about things like what he wants from a Last of Us sequel and his role in Uncharted 4, is about 45 minutes long, but I imagine that assistant still remembers his audition to this day.