The world's foremost dictatorship simulator, Tropico, has just had its fifth entry in the series announced. Tropico 5, from Kalypso Media, will be ruling over 360, Linux, PC, and Mac in 2014 with an iron fist and a few new tricks up its sleeve.

While the last entry, Tropico 4, saw very marginal improvement over its predecessor, it sounds like Tropico 5 will breathe much needed life into the overworked and underpaid series. The forthcoming title will have a complete visual overhaul featuring completely redone artwork. Gameplay will also receive a makeover with the introduction of Eras. Players will now see their sheepish colonies burgeon from 19th century villages into 21st century metropolises bringing along all the challenges of those times.

Perhaps an even bigger shock, cooperative and competitive multiplayer will find their way into Tropico for the first time. Up to four players can be building on the same map, fighting over who can provide the best fascist regime for their lowly citizens.

Check out the teaser trailer below:

For those who haven't tried the series yet, Steam is holding a sale of up to 75 percent off on all Kalypso Media titles, including the latest Tropico game, Tropico 4, for a mere $7.49.