Microsoft’s free offering of games through Games with Gold in the month of March is one of the strongest line-ups that the program has ever featured. Three recognizable games will join the ranks of your free collection, and we only hope that you have the spare time to play them and that you don’t already own them. Who doesn’t own these three games yet, anyway?

From the Xbox One’s selection, Ubisoft’s 2D platforming sensation Rayman Legends will be available for the entire month. The UbiArt Framework graphic engine crushes the competition in displaying stunning 2D gameplay, and thanks to the superior designing skills of developer Michel Ancel, this is far and away the best use of it yet. It’s a game that can be played and enjoyed by anyone and should be played and enjoyed by everyone.

As for the Xbox 360, two familiar AAA titles will be available for half of the month. The first half is dedicated to the Tomb Raider reboot as Microsoft continues to proudly strut the timed exclusivity of its sequel. I’m not the biggest fan of this game, but plenty of people will disagree with me. I was a bigger fan of The Guardian of Light and the Legend trilogy from earlier in the generation.

I will concede that it does a marvelous job of keeping Lara Croft relevant, and it even has her emerging from a pool of blood! It’s one of the few moments in gaming where my eyes rolled so far back that I could confirm the color of my brains. Sparkling light blue, by the way.

The second half of the month goes to another game that needs to introduction. BioShock Infinite is another mixed bag of reactions, stunning people with its immaculate setting, confusing people with its pretentious story, and ultimately shattering the soul of the gaming industry by closing Irrational Games. This was the best game in the world for about a week, but it doesn’t seem to have made the lasting impression the original did.

Still, it’s a quality shooter and free is free.

Wow, I’m such a Debbie Downer, aren’t I? These are all three great games, so you should ignore my chronic cynicism and check them out if you haven’t already. Microsoft promises a double dose of games in April, meaning a potential six free games for your collection! Look out, PlayStation Now!

It also brags that Xbox Live Gold Subscribers have downloaded a grand total of 100,000,000 free games through the program. That’s a lot of free games, by the way, for those of you who think you’re cool by pounding out Micro$oft on your keyboard.