The Trine games are really cool. They’re a special blend of puzzle platforming and action, and Frozenbyte has done a great job creating and supporting a fan base for its efforts.

Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power will be available on Steam Early Access next week. It’s going to sell for $19.99, and you can find the Early Access specific trailer at the head of this post.

What’s especially interesting about Trine 3 is that it marks the franchise’s first transition to 3D gameplay. Frozenbyte indicates on the Early Access page that its decision to release the game to the community early stems out of its need to make the 3D segments feel right.

Trine 3 is our first move towards 3D-gameplay in the Trine series, so we wanted to get in touch with our player-base in an early enough phase to collect feedback on the new gameplay features, so we can tweak those into the right direction. Early Access can hopefully provide us with lots of players willing to do this.

Frozenbyte hasn’t really officially talked about all specific platforms for Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power yet. Obviously, its presence of Steam Early Access indicates that this will release for PC; however, Trine 2‘s release schedule eventually had it out on all platforms except for the Xbox One.

I imagine we’ll see Frozenbyte get Trine 3 out in as many hands as it possibly can.