There’s crazy DLC, then there’s the absolutely bonkers DLC Ubisoft and RedLynx have put together for Trials Fusion.

It’s called Awesome Level Max, and it offers ridiculous new tracks, crazy new riders and what borders on almost too much insanity. That DLC is going for $9.99, rainbows and all.

If you’re completely new to Trials Fusion and want to score this DLC alongside the base game, there is a MAX Edition out there in the wild as well. That includes everything for $39.99,

This Trials title received probably the most mixed reception of the series. The story mode, the soundtrack and the constant reminders to buy DLC really hurt its presentation.

It’s a good platform racer, though, and I had fun with what time I spent playing the game. This DLC has me eyeing up a return to absurdity, but I don’t know if I’d throw down $40 for the experience if I was completely new to the rodeo.

Any takers?