Digital distribution and Double Fine have combined to give life to a massive bevy of brand new games. The company, known for the criminally underselling masterpiece Psychonauts, has turned to digital platforms like Xbox LIVE to release potentially fiscally risky projects at inexpensive costs.

It seems to be working.

Trenched is the third game in what may be as few as six months to see launch from Double Fine. Before Trenched came Costume Quest last Halloween and Stacking only a few weeks back. Those titles released for both the PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE. Trenched, according to the trailer above and the game's official website, is going to be an Xbox LIVE exclusive.

This looks like some sort of crazy fusion of typical World War imagery, absurd aliens and a nuts-o version of Mech Warrior. While it's sure to combine the humor Double Fine's been known for with a unique take on genre, this game looks far and away more action-packed than previous digital only releases from the company.

That sort of shooting action is foreign to Double Fine's history. We've seen platformers, an odd take on the RTS genre, puzzle-solving and turn-based RPGs. Shooters? Not yet. Assuredly, Double Fine is up to the challenge. The company may not always produce commercial titans, but their games have a tendency to be among the cream of the crop.

Release date and pricing have not been announced for Trenched. Stacking and Costume Quest, if one were looking for previously established examples, launched at 1200 Points; fifteen smackers. As details surface, including launch window and cost, we'll be sure to report them to you.

Do you see Trenched in your future? Is this the World War I game that so many thought could never be done? Has Double Fine made trench warfare more exciting than it was in All Quiet on the Western Front?

[via Trenched]