Apple may not be actively selling the iPhone SE anymore, but that doesn't mean that you can't still buy one. The company has been offering it through the clearance section of its site on and off for a bit now, and right now both the 32GB and 128GB models are back in stock at $249 and $299 respectively. There are a few color options in each storage capacity, and several different versions of it as well. There are some fully unlocked ones, along with some meant for Verizon, T-Mobile, TracFone, etc.


iPhone SE

If small phones are your jam, this may be one of your last chances to pick up an iPhone SE in new condition.

Starting at $249

The iPhone SE was originally released back in March 2016, but that doesn't mean it's not worth considering, especially at these prices. Apple has continued to provide updates for the iPhone SE, and it's currently running the latest version of iOS, version 12.2. The camera may not be the greatest on today's standards, and it may not have Apple's top of the line processor, but if you're looking for a phone for your kids or grandparents, it's a great option to consider. These are all in new condition, so they come with Apple's full one-year warranty should you run into any issues.

Don't forget to grab a case or two so you can keep it protected, since you likely won't be able to buy another if you break it in the future.

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