I love to travel. I love nearly every aspect of it. There are great benefits to travel I love exploring new places, visiting historic sites, getting to know people of different cultures and backgrounds. It seems as I get older, I just want to travel more. Each new destination seems to just fuel my desire to travel more.

Check out the list below, from “money is no object” to more budget friendly offerings.

Money is no object


European Car Delivery

I kind of cheated with this one, but hey this is my list. European Car Delivery service. I’ve told my wife if we were ever able to afford it, I’d like to be able to order my car and pick it up directly from the factory. It is entirely extravagant, by my standard, but it is one of those things I’d like to do. Maybe a pick up a new Volvo or BMW and drive the new car around Europe for a couple of weeks and head home where the car should arrive not long after.

Most car manufacturer’s claim there is a slight discount buying a car this way. I don’t know if it is that significant. Some car companies will throw in complimentary hotel near the factory. I think it would just be neat to be able to see your car come off the assembly line and even meet the people that put the hard work into making a car. Plus, it is an excuse to travel.  Will I ever be able to afford this trip? I can only hope.

Under $2500

Sony A6500

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One of the biggest kicks I get out of travel is taking photos, videos and looking back at those memories. For me, travel is all about the experiences and memories that I get to share with my wife. We’ll get photos of places we’ve been and keep them in photo frames or prints around our home, and occasionally look back and think of those experiences.

I chose the, Sony A6500, to place on my wish list.  I personally haven’t played with this camera yet, but it seems to outdo its predecessors. It isn’t cheap, but if you’re looking to capture the exact moment with DSLR quality shots and 4K video in a compact mirrorless body you can’t go wrong with the Sony A6000 class of cameras.

Under $500

Incase EO Roller

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Incase sent us this bag to try out not too long ago. We’ve used it to carry gear and overnight trips to events, and it’s an extremely versatile bag. I like the various compartments, which makes it easy pack and re-pack. The bag expands quite a bit, so if you’ve picked up too many souvenirs, no worries, it is good for an extra bunch of goods to take back home. We’ve been really surprised to see just how much it can pack. The EO Roller is minimal in looks, and I like that. You get something that looks great, but isn’t over the top.

Under $250

Hero Session

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I haven’t jumped into the action camera segment yet. Yet, being the keyword. I was on a few trips recently where I had moments where I stated, “I wish I had a GoPro, right now.” I could have used it while rafting or kayaking, traversing through the Great Wall of China or attached to the car on a recent road trip. I’m probably not going to be leaping off skyscrapers or swimming with sharks too often. But, I can see why this camera segment has taken off. I’d like to get one. It is probably just a matter of time.

Unlocked Phone

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If you’re travelling abroad often, you may have already invested in an unlocked phone. If not, maybe you’re lucky enough to be on a carrier, like T-Mobile, Project Fi or AT&T (on a limited basis), that makes it easier and cheaper to globe trot without the burden of high roaming fees. Pro tip: If you’re on an on-contract phone from Verizon, you can swap out the SIM card at your next international destination for easy local use.

But, if those options are not open to you, you can get relatively inexpensive phone without too much sacrifice. For about $250, you can pick up a Moto G4 Plus. It has a 16 MP camera with laser focus, 5 MP, wide-angle front camera, Turbo Power charging and is water repellent. You get a 1.5 GHz Octa core Snapdragon 617 processor, not the most beastly processor, but plenty good enough for pulling up maps, snapping photos and researching your next tourist stop. You could even get it customized through Moto Maker.

Obviously, you could go cheaper or invest a little more for a daily, unlocked device, but that’s all personal preference.

Under $100

Mophie ChargeForce Powerstation Wireless Battery Charger

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I had a chance to check out the Charge Force Powerstation from Mophie earlier this year. I like it for its durability and wireless charging capability. It packs a 10,000 mAh battery which should get you up to 48 hours of juice. I was using the Galaxy line up of phones, especially the Galaxy S7 for a while, and I just loved having the convenience of wireless charging. There are plenty of times when you need a charge, but don’t want the extra hassle of having to worry about an extra cord. Thankfully, if you do need to plug in, you have that option with the USB port as well.

Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7B QuietPoint Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones

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Any well-travelled person knows how important it is to invest in decent noise-cancelling headphones. It can make or break your travel. Especially if you’re stuck sitting near a screaming child, that guy who can’t seem to stop coughing or just to drown out the engine noise of the plane. I’ve never been steered wrong by Audio-Technica, and the Quite Point Active Noise-Cancelling headphones should do the trick. These promise to block out 90 percent of environmental noise, there are others with higher noise-cancelling capabilities, however I wanted to keep this item under $100. You can always choose to invest more in a quality set, Audio-Technica has another set, just another $50 more, that block out 95 percent of noise. These set are not wireless, but I actually prefer wired headphones for audio quality, battery consumption and the ability to plug in to airplane entertainment units so I can watch movies.

Under $50

Packing Cubes

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Generally, I think I have packing down. I use a combination of rolling items and layering to maximize space and keeping clothes from getting too wrinkled. I’ve taken a few trips where I have to pack and unpack a few times and I’ve found packing cubes to be so much more convenient than any traditional method. It keeps what you want tidy in smaller compartments, so you’re having to refold and repack as much.  It is a time saver and keeps items and neat, the latter is important when so you don’t lose track of important items.

Passport Covers

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You need a good passport cover. It keeps your passport safe from heavy travel, which is more important than you think. Customs, TSA and gate agents will turn you away if your passport shows too much wear. So don’t think of it as a badge of honor, because that will keep you from getting to your next destination. Instead, let a good passport cover take the brunt of the wear. A good one can also help keep your travel documents safe and it also personalize an otherwise drab official document.

Power Adapter/Travel Router

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This is a bonus item: Combo travel router with USB ports and power adapter. You can plug in to your hotel network and run your own network as well as being powered up for your travels.

What else would you include in your travel gear?

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