Indivisible is still chugging along through its extended Indiegogo campaign. With a couple of days remaining, Lab Zero Games has scrounged up the $1.5 million it has asked the public for, and now every penny given to it makes development that much easier. In addition to the $1.5 million, 505 Games has promised to fund it with an extra $2 million.

What once seemed like an impossibility has become an early Christmas miracle, and one of the most promising crowd-funded games of 2015 can sit comfortably in success. No doubt, the prototype available on the PlayStation 4 helped get the word out, but many developers on the indie scene also had a hand in spreading the good word. We’ve already seen most of the guest stars that Lab Zero Games has scored, and two more big names are bound to attract even more attention as the final week wraps itself up.

First up, we have the half-genie hero Shantae, WayForward’s iconic platformer mascot, who will be lending protagonist Ajna a hand in battle. Lab Zero Games promises to incorporate her hair whip, animal shape-shifting, and magic attacks into the battle system.

And also joining Shantae is Red, the lady protagonist from Supergiant Games’ popular indie hit, Transistor. Don’t worry. Lab Zero Games is still pumping out the original characters too, with the most recent additions being the robotic-armed Kampan, Kogi with the massive sword, and the majestic Sangmu.

Less than three days remain in the campaign. The entire gaming world wants this to happen, so be sure to check it out and help bring it all home. Congratulations and best of luck, Lab Zero Games. We’re rooting for you all the way.