As a long time toy collector, the best part of every new Transformers movie to me is the onslaught of new toys. While I’m definitely not as dedicated as some Transformers collectors, I always end up picking up at least a few pieces. Much to my delight, an unexpected box arrived on Friday from Hasbro PR presenting us with a taste of the toys for Transformers: The Last Knight.

Hasbro is releasing a wide array of toys this year from the Tiny Turbo Chargers blind bag colelctibles all the way up to Voyager class figures. There’s something for just about every price point this year.

As with previous film’s toy releases, there are sure to be many more coming down the road,  including some we saw at Toy Fair this year that have yet to hit the shelves. It’s always difficult to pick out which ones will end up adorning my shelves, but I’m sure there is a Hound figure in my future.