Super Bowl LI is only a few days away, and the commercials are already rolling in including a new spot for Transformers: The Last Knight.

The fifth film in Michael Bay’s Transformers series is creeping towards release, and of course it needs a commercial in the big game this Sunday to get audiences excited for it. Despite one trailer before this and the new spot, there is still no real telling what the plot of this film will be quite yet.

Has Unicron finally joined the franchise?

The biggest Transformer enemy of them all – the planet-sized Unicron – has yet to make an entrance into Bay’s films. With the ante of enemies seemingly upped with each new film, it seems like the perfect time to make his presence known. As you watch the spot and see robotic parts laying waste to the planet, you have to wonder if it’s the planet smashing Transformer at long last.

Of course one also has to wonder why Optimus Prime’s eyes are turning purple, the color associated with the Decepticons. Seeing as you can clearly see him fighting Bumblebee at the end of the ad, it seems that everyone’s favorite Autobot may be under the control of an evil force.

Transformers: The Last Knight
hits theaters on June 1.