Could this be the Transformers game that gets it right? No longer burdened by the flabby underbelly of the Michael Bay films and allowed free reign of the cult-classic cartoon, not to mention a slick cel-shaded art design, Platinum Games looks like it is having a field-day developing Transformers: Devastation. After seeing the footage in this latest gameplay trailer, critics could call it just another licensed cash-in, but I wouldn’t believe them.

Platinum Games has just the right balance between fun combat and simplistic level design, knowing where the strength of its studio lies: in pure action. Activision’s presser has more.

Long-time Transformers fans know that every single robot-in-disguise has a very specific personality. Grimlock, for instance, probably wouldn’t be described as “neighborly” and Sideswipe isn’t always interested in playing by the rules, but both have a fondness for combat. Optimus Prime, on the other hand, would always prefer a diplomatic solution.

Platinum Games, the developer behind Transformers: Devastation, spent a lot of time trying to match each character’s personality with a complementary fighting style. Bumblebee, for example, attacks faster than any other Autobot, but he sacrifices a fair amount of power. And Wheeljack’s mechanical ingenuity translates into an attack pattern that centers on ranged weapons.

Activision also announced special skins for those who pre-order, gaining access to the characters Nemesis Prime, Red Alert and Goldfire. Three special weapons designed specifically for pre-ordering customers will also be available.

• The Dark Star Saber is a fiercely intimidating blade that radiates waves of dark energy with every swing.

• The Photon Disruptor is an incredibly powerful, shotgun-style weapon that has a short range but deals huge amounts of area damage.

• The twin Golden Hunter is a pair of blaster pistols that causes enemies to drop credits when attacked.

Transformers: Devastation launches on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC on Oct. 6.

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