We just got a teaser for the upcoming DOOM game earlier this week, but the game's been in development for a pretty long time and been through a few iterations.

Now some footage has leaked giving us a taste of what we almost had. So often when we see footage of a cancelled game, we're seeing what could've been – a sad situation where a publisher didn't see the value gamers can clearly see. Here, though, I think Bethesda was on the right track when they scrapped this.

Keep in mind that the video above is not gameplay footage, but rather CG provided by animation studio Blur, who has done cinematics for everything from Halo 2: Anniversary and Batman: Arkham Knight to Star Wars. It doesn't look like a DOOM game so much as just some sort of generic science fiction shooter with a dark tone.

Back when the game was scrapped, Eurogamer notes that Bethesda's Pete Hines said that "if it was like the quintessential, 'yup that's Doom 4,' then we couldn't be having this conversation. But it was something that we looked at and the guys at id [Software] looked at and said, look, it's not even something that is necessarily bad. But is it good enough?"

Despite this weeks' DOOM teaser being literally two seconds long, it's already looking more like it belongs in the franchise than this clip.

We'll know more about DOOM when Bethesda shows it off at their E3 press conference on June 14.