Microsoft and Apple both announced new laptops this week. Microsoft wants you to trade in your Apple laptop for one of its products, either a Surface Book or Surface Pro, and is offering up to a $650 discount depending on the notebook you’re trading in. Bad news? You can’t trade it for the new Surface Book with Performance Base, according to the fine print.

“No device line up can match the performance, portability and versatility of the Surface family,” Microsoft argues, taking shots right across the bow of the new MacBook Pro. The trade-in process is pretty standard to selling a gadget elsewhere.

You’ll start off on Microsoft’s site where you’ll determine the trade-in value of your Apple notebook, agree to the price (or turn it down), and then send it to Microsoft. Once received, Microsoft will send an email with a promo code for the agreed-upon discount, which can then be applied in a Microsoft Store or on Microsoft’s website.

Trade your MacBook for a Surface

So far as I can tell, the offers seem relatively fair. You can get up to $450 for a working 2012 MacBook Air, for example. Not bad considering that’ll knock a good chunk off the cost of a more modern laptop. The only trouble is you’ll be without a laptop while you’re waiting, so this is probably only best for folks who want some extra cash for a notebook that’s just sitting around collecting dust

Trade-ins kick off now and can be taken advantage of through November 10, 2016, Microsoft said.