Apple’s new MacBook Pro started to ship to users this week, but there are already some issues with the new computer. The main issue users are experiencing is the three-finger gesture that is used to conjure up Mission Control or swiping between Desktop windows, which hasn’t been working in all areas on the trackpad.

MacRumors has received some complaints from users stating the issue occurred when they were typing and tried to use the three-finger gesture away from the center of the trackpad. It has been speculated that the issue is a byproduct of the palm rejection present to compensate for the bigger trackpads in the new MacBook Pros.

As you may remember, the new MacBook Pros come with larger trackpads  that cover more space of what would have been the palm rest. This means your palms will almost always be in contact with the new trackpad. Apple implemented the new palm rejection software in the computers to avoid possible issues with unwanted contact with the trackpad, but it looks like it created a new issue with the latency or response of the palm rejection software.

There has been no word from Apple addressing the issue. We have the new computer in the office and haven’t experienced the issue with the trackpad.

The problem with first-gen products

These types of issues happen regularly with new products. Apple anticipated the issue with the new trackpad and created new palm rejection software to combat the issue, but it hasn’t been working 100% of the time. Apple has never had a trackpad that is this big on the new MacBook Pros, so it’s not too surprising that a few issues are occurring with the first-generation product.

Still, it’s disappointing to see your new $2,000 computer start having issues right out of the box.