Thanks to a new Android Wear feature, losing your phone will be much harder than actually finding it. Google on Thursday said it’s adding Android Device Manager support to Android Wear, allowing users to easily track down their smartphone if it gets misplaced. Granted, you’ll have to be within Bluetooth range for the feature to work, but it should make your life a lot easier.

The update is scheduled to roll out over the next few weeks, and once it does, all you’ll have to do is say, “Ok, Google. Start. Find my phone.” This will trigger your device to ring at full volume, making it that much easier to realize, “Oh yeah, it’s stuck between the couch cushions.” Alternatively, you can also just select the “Find my phone” option in the start menu of your preferred Android Wear device.

Features like this have made pinpointing a misplaced phone super easy, and they’ve become fairly effective thief deterrents. Hopefully you won’t ever have to use it, but in case you do, at least finding your phone with the help of your watch is awesomely futuristic.