The new Star Wars movie is here, and what better way to show your true Star Wars fan colors than by attaching these awesome Foundmi Star Wars Bluetooth Trackers to all your most prized possessions? They make it easy (and fun) to keep track of your stuff, and they're on sale for 40% off at just $29.99.

We all lose things, some of us more than others. These Foundmi trackers can attach to your keys, laptop, bag, bike (or practically anything), and allow you to track them through a simple app. You'll be able to use an alert function that emits a loud alarm from your lost item, and ring your phone if you lose it after pairing. You'll even be able to integrate your new tracking devices with Alexa, so you can find your tagged objects simply using the sound of your voice.

Stop pulling your hair out trying to find those easy-to-lose objects. The Foundmi Star Wars Bluetooth Tracker Sets have you covered for just $29.99. And when you enter the coupon code GIFTSHOP15 at checkout you'll knock an additional 15% off the price.