Oh dear, I don’t usually have an interest in picking up figurines based on gaming characters. I sailed through amiibo with only Mega Man finding his way to my collection, and I’ve dodged many quality Link and Final Fantasy posable characters in my day.

When Blizzard showed off that Tracer was getting her own Nendoroid figure earlier this week, I waved it off with a shrug. Overwatch is a fine choice for the Good Smile Company treatment, but Tracer has never been my main.

However, I don’t think I can ignore these figures anymore because a certain someone else has been teased to be getting her own figurine too!

Yup, below the overly large Tracer is also a tease that Mercy and… gulp… Mei will be getting their own figurines a well.

Oh, Mei…

I feel like a twelve-year-old discovering Tifa Lockhart all over again. No details on either figurine since they are only being teased at this point, but we’re sure Blizzard will have something to share in the near future.