Rav4-Ev-Electric-BadgeWe know Toyota and Tesla have teamed up to deliver the RAV4 EV prototype that’s been hovering above the EV atmosphere for quite some time, but now Toyota plans to show off the real thing at EVS26 (26th annual Electric Vehicle Symposium) next week. Toyota’s and Tesla’s prototype reveals a modest, soporific design that leaves much to be desired. However, both automakers claim the prototype RAV4 EV can achieve a 100 mile range on the lithium-ion battery.

Although the prototype is not very exciting from a design standpoint, Toyota claims that the real deal will look very similar. For now, all we get is this underwhelming teaser image of the RAV4 EV’s “Electric” badge. We’ll have all the specs next week when the RAV4 EV is officially outed, but for now check out this image of the prototype model for an example of what to expect.Toyota-RAV4-EV