Self-driving cars are cool – but what about hovering cars? Google is working on the former and, according to statements made during a recent technology summit, Toyota is working aggressively on the latter.

According to The Verge, a manager in the automaker's technical administration group, Hiroyoshi Yoshiki, said Toyota is indeed researching ways to make cars fly — though perhaps not the way they did in The Jetsons. Instead, Toyota's laboratories are studying ways to cut down on the friction between a car in the road, and the technology is more akin to something you'd find with a hovercraft.

Yoshiki told The Verge that Toyota's goal is to create a vehicle that flies "a little bit away" from the ground, instead of zipping far above it like an airplane would. That's still futuristic enough for my tastes, and it sounds like a step closer to the reality of having actual flying cars.

Companies as large as Toyota frequently experiment with new ideas. Google is best known for its "moonshot projects," or initiatives to create technology that seems almost impossible to actually develop. Still, maybe Toyota will make advancements that we've never dreamed of before. For now, there's no apparent plan to get hover cars to market, however.