The Toyota FT-Bh Concept hybrid is a glimpse at what a compact hatchback might look like in the movie Tron. Within recent days, Toyota has teased its FT-Bh mystery machine via a 21-second YouTube clip that whisks together clandestine flashes of illuminated trim and undulous architecture.

With its steering wheel aimed at maximum fuel efficiency, Toyota claims the new concept will put out "CO2 emissions around 50 per cent lower than the current average for the supermini segment." The company outlined a five point target system for the emerging FT-Bh, consisting of "low weight, aerodynamic performance, powertrain efficiency, thermal energy management and electricity saving."

As far as design, Toyota claims its new Tron car will be just as spacious as an average 5-door supermini and weigh less than a three-door Aygo at 1,760 lbs. The FT-Bh is also equipped with affordable, economic DNA as its materials will not be costly to produce or sourced from exotic destinations. So, it's safe to say that Toyota is going to cheap out on the car's structural integrity.

While there's no news on the FT-Bh's powertrain, we do know that it will be a downsized system in order to accommodate the car's diminutive frame. As evidenced in the teaser video, the Toyota FT-Bh is quite an aesthetic odd duck, featuring rippled taillights and a rear hatch door that could have inspired the penning of Baby's Got Back. Red and blue illumination bursts through the triangular patterns along the edges of the car while a sea of white textures further pique the viewer's imagination.

Toyota will reveal the FT-Bh on March 6th at the Geneva Auto Show in Switzerland and TechnoBuffalo will be there to document the mysterious Tron hatchback.

[Via: Autoblog]