For many fans of multiplayer shooters, leveling up and getting your loadout perfect with perks and weapon configurations is all part of the fun.

For everyone else, get ready for Toxikk.

There was a time long ago (like ten years) when shooters were a simpler affair: "No classes, no leveling, no regenerating health, no cover systems, no iron sights, no reload," boasts the debut trailer for the new shooter being developed by Reakktor.

The game is already looking solid, and the team has a laundry list of features. Toxikk is not free to play and is exclusive to PC with no plans to port the game to other platforms. The game is intended to recall the classic arena shooters of yore like Quake 3 Arena and Unreal Tournament. It will have a bot mode for people like me who are just the worst at these games , as well.

But the team doesn't appear to be slavishly recreating those games. There is an experience system, but it doesn't affect gameplay – you always start each respawn with a pistol, and that never changes. Instead, the experience system will help with match-making algorithms and unlocking the purely cosmetic skins.

Reakktor, founded in 1991, describes themselves as a self-financed indie studio whose team is made up of people each bringing 10 or more years of experience to the table. Toxikk seems to be the team's biggest project yet, and the first of their titles to show off how much the developer loves doubling up on the letter K whenever possible.

Reakktor plans to put Toxikk into closed beta before the end of the year via Steam Early Access.