It's been a while since I've cared about a first-person shooter, but this is one I just might try out. With a name like Tower of Guns, you would expect something a little intense, and the trailer for it certainly lives up to that image. Barrages of missiles, ridiculous traps, unimaginable architecture, what the heck is this thing exactly?

Tower of Guns is a roguelike, meaning that it has randomly generated levels with randomly generated items, enemies, and situations. Death means back to square one, and with the amount of insanity going on within its halls, that's bound to happen quite a lot.

You'll never enter the same level twice, and best of all, it is delightfully old-school in its presentation. No staring down the iron-sights, no generic shotgun or assault rifle weapons. The arsenal expands to ridiculous rocket launchers, plasma rifles, spread cannons and disc shooters.

They are the kind of weapons that would do the Nintendo 64 Turok games proud! It definitely takes its inspiration from a time when the genre did not take itself so seriously, and the developers at Grip Games even claim that there are plenty of secrets to uncover as well.

Tower of Guns recently found a fanbase through the magic powers of the Humble Bundle, but it will now also be ported to the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One later in 2015.