Unable to fly to Brazil for the World Cup? (By the way, the first game is next Thursday, June 12 between Brazil and Croatia.) Before the world’s biggest event kicks off, you can familiarize yourself with the tournament’s twelve different stadiums, which are scattered around the South American country. Google has essentially Street View-ified each one, letting you tour around from field level; if you can’t see a game in person, at least you can pretend you’re a player. Thanks, Google.

Clicking on a stadium will give you plenty of information on each specific one. The Arena Corinthians, for example, is capable of seating 65,000 people, and is set to host the opening match, three group matches, one round-of-16, and one semifinal match. The view from field level is beautiful—you get a very faint idea of what it’s like for players actually participating in the World Cup. Except, you know, they’re way better athletes and infinitely more talented.

Give it a whirl. Click on one of the stadiums and you can explore around as you normally would with Street View. It gives you a sense of scope when you’re not looking down from the stands; many of these stadiums have more than 40,000 seats, so you can imagine the kind of pressure players will be feeling when the tournament kicks off next week. I get goosebumps just thinking about it.