Touch My Katamari for the PlayStation Vita is set to receive more wacky DLC in the coming months. In the video above, you'll be able to get a quick glimpse of four levels within the set of DLC as well as a look at Toshiyuki Nakanishi in a sweet Katamari hat.

The two standout levels in the bunch, as far as this writer is concerned, are the Pac-Man and "Maid Heaven" themed ones. In the Pac-Man levels, Namco Bandai connects two of their most popular franchises with classic mechanics and familiar aural and visual effects. Maid Heaven, on the other hand, pits the Prince of all Cosmos against a world of Maid Cafe-esque humans. If you don't know what I mean by "Maid Cafe," turn to Google.

Touch My Katamari actually already has two pieces of DLC up and available for download on the PlayStation Network. Both "requests" are free to snag, but require gamers to unlock them by collecting enough in-game Fan Damacy. If that makes absolutely no sense to you whatsoever, I'm guessing you haven't played Touch My Katamari yet. Don't worry, it's weird to those of us that get it, too.

The DLC featured in the video above does not have a release date for North American gamers yet. In fact, we're not entirely sure that it will see release outside of Japan. We have reached out to Namco Bandai for that info.

[via Andriasang]

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