Kazumi Totaka has been at the helm of many great Nintendo soundtracks and sound effects for nearly 25 years. In that time frame, he has secretly slipped a famous 19 note tune into almost every game he has worked on, and rabid fans unearth hell and high water to find the Easter Egg each and every time. His most recently composed game was Mario Kart 8, and it only took half a year to uncover the tune.

Yes, "only" half a year. Fans are still pouring through games that date back to Wave Race 64, Wii Sports, and the Wii Menu in search of the illusive tune.

At any rate, Mario Kart 8's secret is a little obvious because it is being sung by Yoshi, a character who is voiced by Totaka himself. To hear the song, simply drive up to any Yoshi on a map where the dinosaur cheers from the sidelines, and maybe one of them will be singing it. YouTube Channel Somewhat Awesome Games has a video tutorial on how to accomplish this.

Totaka's Song is one of those little gaming urban legends which is always fun to seek out and be thrilled once somebody finally finds it. It's one of the many brilliant ways Nintendo connects its universes together and makes its games so appealing to returning fans. From Mario Paint and Link's Awakening to Mario Kart 8, Nintendo fans have uncovered nearly every single Easter Egg, and no doubt, they'll find it the next time Kazumi Totaka composes a Nintendo release.