Remember how most people have been saying they would love to have a 3D TV, but they had no interest in it until it no longer required special glasses? Well, it appears Toshiba is preparing to test just how much people are willing to back up those claims as the company may release three television sets that do just that by as early as the end of this year.

According to Japan’s Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper, Toshiba is currently preparing three different glasses-free 3D TV sets.  While no specifications are available at this time, the company has confirmed the sets are at least in development.  In a comment to PC Mag, a Toshiba spokesperson said, “We are developing 3D TVs without the need for glasses, but cannot comment further as we have yet to decide upon when to commercialize such a product, concrete specifications, or any other details.”

panasonic 3d glassesApparently the new technology works by projecting light at multiple angles, and thus will allow the viewer the freedom to see the screen from more directions than the current sets limit them to with the glasses.

Considering that 3D TVs were all the rage at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), all of which required glasses, you have to wonder how this group of early adopters is going to feel about this development.  There is no question that early adopters are used to finding out that they jumped the gun, but seeing as some of these current sets cost upwards of $5,000, this could be a bit more of a bitter sting than the usual couple hundred dollars on a phone.  The new sets will probably come out in a similar price range as the first gen of 3D TVs, but nothing is confirmed as of yet.

With or without glasses, there is still nothing say that the general public is clamoring for 3D television sets.  High Definition TVs have been out for several years now, and penetrated 62 percent of the market share.  Do electronics companies really think people are going to dump TVs they only purchased in the past few years so they can see something in 3D?  Seems unlikely to me.

What say you?  Are you ready for a 3D TV that doesn’t require glasses?