Windows 10 won’t actually launch until July 29, but Toshiba just can’t wait to show off its fresh back-to-school lineup designed for the new operating system. The company unveiled a new fleet of laptops and hybrid convertibles on Thursday ahead of an official release on June 21.

At the top of Toshiba’s range sits the Radius 15, which is billed as the world’s first 4K convertible laptop-tablet hybrid. It costs about $1,100, though you can drop the resolution to Full HD for a more reasonable $840. Moving down the line there are plenty of other options at different prices, screen sizes and configurations. The cheapest model, the Satellite C, starts at $349.

The entire Satellite family blurs together a bit. Everything comes in silver or gunmetal grey, everything looks pretty sleek, and everything runs the latest version of Windows. Toshiba’s even included a button in the top left corner of the keyboard to quickly launch Cortana.

Of course, you can also call up Microsoft’s digital assistant with a quick voice command if you don’t mind leaving your laptop in always-listening mode. Either way, Toshiba’s TruTalk dual-array microphones should make sure Cortana understands everything you say to her. They’re also great for Skype.

The new Satellite family will be available to buy later this month, though they’ll still be running Windows 8.1. Windows 10 will be available as an easy update when it launches at the end of July. Toshiba says it plans to start selling laptops with the new operating system pre-installed as soon as possible.